Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'Tis the season to be studying..

All over Australia at the moment, students are busy getting ready for end of year exams.. and I am one of them! My books are spread out all over the house, and my helpful assistant is making sure that I don't miss a beat and keep my nose in my books!!

I discovered many years ago, when I went through uni the first time, it is really, really, really important to have some downtime when trying to study and accordingly have been trying to do just that.

The green socks - finished! Yes, my very first pair of socks, and I am so pleased with them. I knitted these cuff down, mainly as that is what the pattern said, so I followed! I know some people love the whole toe up theory (coz you put your toes in a sock first!), but to be honest, I don't really think for me it really matters. Like my cooking, I tend to over cater, so in knitting, I tend to over purchase and normally end up with half a ball left over at the end.

I've already started my next pair - this time in a sparkly blue from Stranded in Oz - so stay tuned for how they turn out!

I was also fortunate enough to have a Sunday on the drive home from the beach to be able to stop at one of my favorite patchwork stores, Lily Lane. If you are even in Gippsland, more specifically Rosedale, I would highly recommend the stop (right across from the bakery!). Anyway, back to the story, I had started to build the Farmer Wife Quilt from a Layer Cake, which was made up of some amazingly bright colours and designs (the phtots are in the Flicker stream!) and was not 100% happy with the results. On reflection, whilst I do love the colours, I did not enjoy the way it was developing for this pattern in particular. I found another Layer Cake which is based on more traditional French fabrics from around the early 1900's, in browns, reds, greens and creams. I am much happier with the outcomes of this selection, and will continue to piece this together by hand (yes, a longer term project!!)

Also, I've posted some pictures of a completed project in my "Completed Projects" page! Hope you enjoy them!

Well, best be back to the books. Only a week before exams! EGAD!!!!!!!


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