Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome to Nanacraft Adventures

The idea of keeping a record of my Nancraft Adventures, seemed like one of those things I should actually do. Problem was until now, had started the idea, put down the idea, moved on from the idea, moved back to the idea - normally all within a very short space of time.

So, it is a cold Melbourne Saturday afternoon, I have one cat asleep on the sofa the other on the arm of the chair, a movie playing (for those interested - 2006 Casino Royale) and most importantly the heater on HOT, so it is the perfect time to start my story...

Going back, yes, I am a Nanacrafter, and I love all things crafty (except I'm not so good on the scrapbook thing - just don't get it!). A lot of my craft exploits are self taught so my technique may be a little on the "interesting" side of thing. But, I do love what I do, and sometimes, I even finish things!

At the moment, my love is knitting, spinning and hand sewing. I did try quilting on the machine, became despondent with not being able to get the level of exactness I expect, so have gone back to quilting and piecing by hand!! I am very fortunate to have some great friends around me who share my love of all things Nana-ish (and yes, some that just don't get it!!) and also have some friends who are prepared to feed my yarn and fleece habits!

Just to get everything up to speed... I've put a few pictures of what I've been up to, and the pieces I am working on now!

I expect that between my day job and my studies, I will only get to post weekly, and with a bit of luck, by having something to keep me honest, I may actually get some things finished!! Anyway - let's see where this takes us!

Thanks for stopping by - hope you enjoy the pictures and stories to follow!!


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